• Start Using GeoSafe

  • Will my GeoSafe not support the 3G network

    No, GeoSafe only works with 2G-network. Not operators who only use 3G networks such as Three.

  • How do I remove the PIN code?

    Turn off pin-kode in your mobile. Usually it´s under the safety settings.

  • I dont get any GPS reception?

    In portable mode, the GPS start only at position request. If you do a status request in portable mode it always return "GPS signal: not fixed".
    You can make a positioning request anyway, it takes a little longer to get answers because the GPS must start.
    If the unit is connected to the external voltage the GPS is always up and running, the first connection may take up to 5 minutes before the device has found the GPS position.
    If you still have no GPS signal, place the unit under open sky then you get reception within 5 minutes. If you get then GPS reception then, you have to move the device so that the GPS signal is not blocked.

  • How do I reset my GeoSafe?

    Due to an error during installation, you can make a super key delete by sending an sms with:


    Superkey number you will find enclosed in the box.

  • I can not register my device?

    Make sure you do not have a PIN on your SIM card in the GeoSafe. Some SIM card must make a call to be activated.
    You can try to call to your device. If the SIM card is activated, it should forward signals. If the SIM card is not enabled, go directly to a voice saying "it is not possible to reach the desired number at the moment."
    Remember that all phone numbers always start with country code +48 (in Poland).

  • The LEDs go out after a while, I can light them again?

    Yes, you can light the LEDs by calling the unit.
    Led 1, showing the GSM reception. If the LED is blinking, your device scans for GSM reception. If the LED is lit there is GSM reception.
    Led 2, has no function, and will not be lit up.
    Led 3, Displays GPS reception and also the charge indicator when charging the device via USB cable. When charging the device via USB LED is turned on until the device is fully charged then it goes out.
    When the the LED is blinking, the device searches for GPS reception if the LED lights the device has GPS reception.
    But the easiest is to send a status inquiry via the app to get the answers to both GSM and GPS siganlen.

  • How long do I hold the SOS button on the device to alert?

    They must be pressed for 3 seconds before the device larm.

  • If I forgot my sliding password for iOS what do I do?

    Then you have to re-install the app.

  • What things can a user do in the app?

    A user can do the following.

    » Alarm ON and OFF the device.

    » Make a positioning request

    » See the map

    » Choose the unit to control.

    » Make a status request

    » Turn the relay and siren on/off.

  • Install Accessories

  • How do I connect the magnetic sensors?

    Connection of magnetic switches to a normally closed circuit (Input 2 NC)
    You want to use a magnetic switch that detects when a door is opened, plug one cable from the magnetic switch to input 2 (gray cable) at GeoSafe unit and the second cable from the magnetic switch to the +12 volt. Do you want to connect several magnetic switches so that you can monitor multiple doors, just connect them in series. Then it switches to one cord of the first magnetic switch for Input 2 (Gray Cable), the second cable, pair with one wire on the next magnetic switch and the other wire to the second magnetic switch to the +12 volt. Remember that all magnetic switches must be closed in order to be able to arm the unit.
    Connection of magnetic switches to a normally open circuit (Input 1 NO)

  • How do I connect the siren?

    Connection of the external siren.

    After plugging in the external siren, you should connect the black cable (-) on the siren to the wire marked siren (brown cable) on GeoSafe unit and the red cable to the siren, connect to + 12volt.

  • Can I connect my iPhone with Bluetooth?

    No, it is just support for Bluetooth, if you use an Android phone.

  • Update GeoSafe Unit

  • How do I update my GeoSafe?

    You should send 2st SMS to your device.

    SMS 1:     For Swedish users:    APN,services.telenor.se#           online.telia.se#          internet.tele2.se#
    SMS 1:     For international users:     Contact your cellular operator to get your APN, send SMS: APN#
    SMS 2:     PLNEW,,6688

    NOTE: Use upper case letters where we use upper case letters (APN and PLNEW), pay attention to commas (,) and periods (.). Wait until you get a response from the first text message that it's working to set the APN before sending second sms.

    When you sent SMS 2 wait about 3 minutes, then send an SMS to check the version of software in your Geosafe.


    You should get an answer from your device, verify that the version is VBP6.3.1 then you have received the correct version for your device.

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